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Identity and Security Management Solutions

Most solutions from ISM portfolio is coming from Novell heritage, are rebranded and keep top quality proved by Industry leading analysts like Gartner where all products are settled into Leading Quadrant.


NetIQ Identity Manager delivers a complete, yet affordable solution to build an intelligent identity management framework to service your enterprise—both inside the firewall and into the cloud. It enables you to secure your environment and meet compliance demands.

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NetIQ Access Manager

With the aggressive adoption of cloud technologies and mobile devices, enterprises are faced with the challenge of managing secure access in domains that they do not completely control. If they are to stay competitive, Enterprises need to change their traditional approach of how they provide a secure infrastructure that accelerates business, not impede it. NetIQ Access Manager integrates the latest federation standards with traditional access management technologies to provide the best solution to secure access for your applications; regardless of whether they are your own, your partners, or out in the cloud.

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NetIQ Sentinel 7

To reduce the risk of audit failures and data breaches with an ever complex and changing computing and threat environment, security professionals must achieve successful outcomes from their SIEM solutions. To help with this challenge, NetIQ released Sentinel 7, the first product to emerge from the newly combined NetIQ and NetIQ security management product portfolios. The new NetIQ Sentinel 7 combines the complementary strengths of prior NetIQ Security Manager and NetIQ Sentinel releases to deliver a robust, full-featured SIEM solution including:

- Powerful host-based monitoring and deep knowledge base of NetIQ Security Manager

- Highly enriched events and file integrity monitoring capabilities of NetIQ Change Guardian

- Highly scalable, easy to use and intelligent SIEM platform containing the power of Sentinel and Sentinel Log Manager.

- Rapidly collect the information needed for desired analysis and reporting

- Accessibility. Intuitive interface allows non-security members to leverage for their respective needs. Improve decision making

- Automate threat discovery. Anomaly detection features.

- Remediate threats before they generate damage. Reduce risk to information assets

- Greater visibility into user activities.

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NetIQ SecureLogin

Enterprise ready Single-sign-on solution from NetIQ, SecureLogin streamlines user authentication for enterprise applications by providing a single login experience to the users. It eliminates password reset calls, protects against unauthorized access to business applications, and integrates with almost any authentication device.

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NetIQ Privileged User Manager

NetIQ Privileged User Manager allows IT administrators to work on systems without exposing superuser (administrator or supervisor) passwords or root-account credentials to the administrator. It specifically targets managing, controlling and recording of all privileged administrator activities for UNIX, Linux and Windows environments.

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NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator

Effortless Active Directory administration. Stop risky administration practices with properly delegated authority.

For IT Administrators facing the risks of too many people with full administrative privileges in Microsoft Active Directory, NetIQ Directory and Resource Administrator is a powerful delegated administration tool that easily limits administrative privileges and restricts directory views to specified roles or individuals.

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NetIQ Change Guardian

Struggling to control change in a complex environment? NetIQ Change Guardian™ helps IT security professionals manage change to critical files, system configuration and applications, and achieve compliance with regulations and internal security policies. Unmanaged change is a leading cause of security breaches and unauthorized user activity is one of the early indications of a targeted attack. With Change Guardian, you can proactively identify and respond to unmanaged changes that could lead to security breaches or failed audits, and identify potential breaches in real-time by monitoring privileged user activity across the enterprise.

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Datacenter Management Solutions

Datacenter Management solutions evolve with your data center, ensuring your IT environment is always efficient, well-balanced and resilient. Make the most of your current and future data center investments with our Workload Management solutions.


NetIQ Cloud Manager

NetIQ Cloud Manager is a cloud management product that delivers a complete Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) experience for both IT consumers and IT providers, with a focus on end-to-end business service delivery. It gives business and technical users a single product to build, manage, and consume cloud resources.

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Cloud Security Service

Businesses are moving their applications to the Cloud. If you're providing Cloud hosted offerings you know that secure access is fundamental part of the solution. Cloud Security Service is a service provider solution that provides cloud hosted offerings. It allows customers to federate to their web-based and SaaS applications through their provider, and lets service providers connect to their customers through a secure channel without requiring them to open their firewall ports.

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PlateSpin Forge

PlateSpin Forge is an all-in-one disaster recovery hardware appliance that protects both physical and virtual workloads.

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PlateSpin Migrate

PlateSpin Migrate is a physical/virtual conversion tool that delivers fast and efficient P2V and anywhere-to-anywhere migrations.

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PlateSpin Protect

PlateSpin Protect is disaster recovery software that uses virtual infrastructure capacity to protect both physical and virtual workloads.

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PlateSpin Recon

PlateSpin Recon is a virtualization planning tool that provides actionable data on which physical servers to virtualize and why.

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Systems & Application Management Solutions

Performance and availability management tools for today's fast-changing and complex IT environments are must-have for all Enterprises. Our Systems and Application Management solutions are built with automation to keep pace with the changes that keep accelerating and allow you to address more complex enterprise needs with flexibility when you need it and out-of-the-box features when higher productivity, better quality results, time-to-value is getting more important.


NetIQ AppManager

NetIQ AppManager is our best of breed, in class, flagship solution that is designed for IT operations teams who need rapid time to value, but the flexibility to support the diverse needs of multiple business units. It provides broader and deeper technology support than competitors, greater automation to reduce monitoring gaps, and more relevant events so operations can focus on what matters most.

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NetIQ Aegis

NetIQ Aegis® is vendor-independent, allowing you to leverage your existing best-of-breed management tools. With pre-built activities, 3rd party adapters, and a simple-to-use custom adapter tool, Aegis provides more automation and integration possibilities than any other vendor.

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Operations Center

ations Center is a Business Service Management solution that delivers a holistic view of your mixed IT environment. We give you the perspective you need to be a leader in your industry and answering:

- Are we open for business?

- How are we performing?

- What is our current risk level?

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