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Enterprise Linux Servers

Enterprise Linux Servers from SUSE are some of the most versatile, reliable and best supported software infrastructure solutions available to deliver mission-critical IT services efficiently and cost effectively. Designed for mixed IT environments and exclusively recommended by Microsoft, SAP and VMware, Enterprise Linux Servers helps you save time and money, increase resource utilization, and reduce risk, deliver mission-critical data center services reliably and securely and get the most out of your mixed IT environment. With SLES you get your system and datacenter:

- Reliability, Availability and Serviceability

- Advanced Security

- Cross-Platform Virtualization

- Simplified Administration, Development and Systems Management

- Interoperability with Other platforms

- High Performance Computing

- Modular Extensions for Advanced Capabilities

- World-Class Support

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Other SUSE Solutions:

- SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System Z (Mainframe)

- SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension (Business Continuity, Clustering,…)

- SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service (Retail)

- SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension (Finance, Telcommunication,… industry)

- SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications

- SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for VMware

- SUSE for Virtualization

- SUSE for Coud Computing

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