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ZENWorks Endpoint Management Solutions

Novell makes it easy to give each employee exactly what they need to do their work, no matter where they sit. Your IT staff can give the proper working environment to each person, and keep it all updated remotely using a unified management console, device agent and database.

With our application, configuration and endpoint security management products, you can make sure everyone's devices are:

- Configured

- Patched

- Compliant

- Secure

- Properly equipped

Now, Novell ZENworks 11 is taking this popular and rapidly growing family of systems-management products to the next level—by integrating them all into a single policy-based platform; providing unified management for a wider range of Windows and Linux devices; and making it easy to extend automated device management across physical, virtual and cloud environments. That means moving to ZENworks 11 creates intriguing new possibilities for reducing IT complexity, boosting end-user productivity and ultimately bringing your IT department into closer alignment with your business goals.

ZENWorks family of systems-management products:


  • ZENworks Application Virtualization
  • ZENworks Asset Management
  • ZENworks Configuration Management
  • ZENworks Service Desk
  • ZENworks Endpoint Security Management
  • ZENworks Full Disk Encryption
  • ZENworks Linux Management
  • ZENworks Patch Management
  • ZENworks Virtual Appliance


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Novell helps people connect with each other and work together. Our collaboration products combine tried-and-true technology with next-generation tools. These products help your people boost their productivity—as individuals and teams—while being easy on your IT staff and budget. Our collaboration offerings include:

- Novell GroupWise: for email, calendaring, contact management and task management,

- Novell VIBE: for teaming, team workspaces with doc management, workflows, and social streams, …

- Data Synchronizer: mobile access to all mobile resources regardless of mobile platform

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File & Networking Services

Novell provides the core file, print, and networking services that are at the heart of any organization. We offer the best platform for networking in a mixed Windows/Linux/Mac environment.


Open Enterprise Server

With Novell Open Enterprise Server (OES) and it’s modules you can keep your users productive while protecting your business. We can help you:

- Control and automate file storage

- Simplify network management

- Enable users to printer easily

- Automate disaster recovery of key business systems


Novell Filr

And besides all, files still matters, even more then ever: we are introducing brand new solution: Novell Filr is the next-generation of file access and sharing. It hides those pesky mapped drives from users, who can now work with their files on any device: PCs, tablet, smartphones, …. It also gives IT the control you need to govern and safeguard the intellectual property held in these files no matter where are they: on servers, PCS, in cloud …

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